East Rand Hiking Club


RISK: All persons taking part in club activities do so entirely at their own risk and the club takes no responsibility for any loss or injury sustained.

COMPLIANCE: All persons taking part in club activities must adhere to the E.R.H.C code of conduct.

LISTEN: Make sure you know the leader of the hike and that you follow and listen to him/her. Do not deviate from the main hike without his/her permission. This is for your safety and the safety of your fellow hikers. Hikers must please remain with the main party unless the leader has agreed to split group control by nominating a sub-leader. Some people tend to think they know best and then argue with the hike leader. This causes unrest. If you don’t like the way the hike leader leads his/her flock, don’t hike with him/her again.

GEAR: Hikers must wear strong footwear. You cannot hike in designer takkies, san- dals, flip-flops or high heeled shoes. A hat and raincoat, sweater and/or anorak should be packed just in case. Please remember that even in summer temperatures can drop by as much as 10degress during a thunderstorm.

PACKS: Please ensure you carry your gear in a suitable pack. No plastic bags or handbags will be allowed.

WATER, PROTECTION AND OTHER THINGS: Hikers must carry a minimum of 2 litres of water, a whistle and have adequate UV sun protection cream. It is also advised to carry a small first aid kit with you just in case.

VERY IMPORTANT: Hike Leaders may use their discretion to stop hikers from hiking who are not suitably equipped.

NOISE: Remember each one of us is here for our own enjoyment. Please keep noise levels to a respectable level, no dogs or loud music however story-telling and laughter is 100% accepted.

AGE: Hikers under the age of 18 who participate in a hike must be the responsibility of a nominated hiker – preferably their mother, father, uncle or aunt. If there is an age restriction on the hike please do not argue with the hike leader if they feel it would be safer to stick to the age restriction. Your hike leaders know the difficulty of the hikes and who can and who can’t manage. It is their responsibility to keep you and every other hike a safe as possible. Children and Adults must respect each other and if either misbehave the hike leader has the right to stop the child or adult from hiking.

NUDITY: Nude bathing can be offensive, please exercise discretion.

INDEMNITIES: All hikers must complete an indemnity form available from hike leader.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS: The Hike Leader must be notified of any medical condition suffered by the hiker and it is at his discretion whether hiker will be allowed to hike with the group.

WALKING: Don’t cheat by cutting corners, even when you think nobody is looking. Most trails are created in such a way as to minimise the impact of soil erosion and to maximize the views and enjoyment.

LITTER: There is nothing worse than walking on a clean, rocky path and finding a chocolate or chips wrapper caught up in the bushes, not to mention those cigarette butts. Banana skins, orange or naartjie peels and apple cores are included in the term: Do not litter. All litter must be taken home for disposal. You carry it in… you carry it out.

SMOKING: Please don’t smoke in the chalets, the rondavels, the kitchens, the bathrooms or any enclosed areas. Most non-smoking hikers are pretty lenient towards smokers but get very upset when they walk into an enclosed area and smell smoke. Smoke outside around the fires. Do not kill your cigarettes on the trails. Take cigarette butts home with you, nobody else wants them.

CLEAN UP: When leaving the huts make sure they are as clean as when you arrived. If you use the kitchen equipment, wash, dry and pack it away.

YOU WANT THE PLANTS AND ROCKS:….. buy your own. That plant might look really great in your garden, but leave them where they are. No picking of flowers or uprooting of plants. Care must also be taken to avoid damaging tress, fences and private property.

GATES: If open, leave them open, if they are closed, close them behind you, if broken, don’t try to fix them.

AHHH… FIRES:  Fires keep us warm and cook our food, but are also dangerous. Build fires only in designated areas and always, always make sure they are extinguished before departure. No fires may be lit unless in at designated sites with the permission of the hike leader. If the hike does not permit fires please do not argue with the hike leader.

BATHROOM BREAKS:  Please make sure that you are at least 10m from the trail, preferably behind a bush. If you are close to a water source, ensure that you are at least 50m away from the water line.

HAVE FUN AND ENJOY: Hiking is all about the friendships, fresh air and places that only a handful of people will ever see. Take the time to have fun with your fellow hikers, stop and smell the flowers, rest at the highest point and make as many wonderful memories as you can.