East Rand Hiking Club


Towards the end of 1983 Chris Lerm, the chairman of Roodepoort Hiking Club, and a committee member of the Hiking Federation, invited anyone interested in forming a hiking club on the East Rand to contact him. Ron and Alison Cramer, Jim Anderson, Bill and Joss Roberts, responded and an inaugural braai was arranged at Murray Park, Springs. About 30 people turned up and with Chris Lerm’s enthusiastic assistance the idea took off.
The Club was established primarily to give groups of hikers an opportunity to get on the established trails for exercise and companionship. However, it has grown into more than that, as people have also become interested in other aspects of the outdoor experience and social activities.

What does the East Rand Hiking Club have to offer?

Apart from the companionship and challenges offered by hiking, the places visited normally offer pristine natural beauty, which is only accessible to hikers. Many areas are a photographer’s paradise and the beauty and grandeur of our mountains, forests and deserts will leave you with life-long memories. The East Rand Hiking Club has a strong dedication to conservation and environmental education

Why hike with an established club?

We encourage people of all ages, whether experienced or not, to join our club, so that they can enjoy the benefit of an organized and knowledgeable group when on a trail or wilderness hike. It is dangerous to hike alone, or in a small group of less than four persons (in the case of an emergency, two can go for help, and one can assist the sick or injured person).

An organized hiking is normally very safe, but sudden changes in the weather, a slip or trip, or getting lost can still happen The presence of our experienced hikers in these circumstances is essential.

Advice on all aspects of hiking, such as the correct boots to wear, food and its preparation, sleeping bags, backpacks and equipment is freely available from our experienced members.